USS George Washington

•July 7, 2009 • 10 Comments



Went out on a boat to have a look at the USS George Washington at the w/e. I must say it was massive!! I think it had more aircraft than perth airport, I counted 50 F-18’s on deck, let alone the ones down below. Having got a little too close (300 m) we had a chat to the local constabulary but luckily no shots across our bow!! A friend reminded me that it wasn’t the police I should be worried about  but the sub which never mad an appearance!


Dales Gorge

•June 30, 2009 • Leave a Comment


This was from my trip to the Karijini back in March 2008. After trekking through the gorges all day this was a long walk along the top back to the car … the wife had had enough of me stopping every 5 mins to take pictures but I’m pleased I got this stitch as it shows a different perspective from the top of the gorges. Unfortunately this really needs to be printed in a large format as there is so much detail which is lost on the web. Looking forward to go back next year on CF’s trip as this is truly an awesome place.

Melbourne GP

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OK – sorry I’ve not posted anything but Ive been in between houses etc etc. I know, no excuse. Anyway here’s one from the melbourne GP. I was lucky enough to be in the paddock for race day through a friend of a friend. Not sure you’ll all want to see the pix of all the drivers etc as if you dont like F1 I’m sure its pretty boring. I did like this one though as it really summed up a great day. I guess i should see if I can sell some of these but not too sure who I should approach so if anyone can point me in the right direction. By the way … the wind was going in the right direction so my then shiny 5d mkII survived a soaking!

We See Him Here … We See Him There …

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M Mia_231108_3187

Camel man strikes again – this was on the road to Monkey Mia in November 08. These were a couple of dutch backpackers who had also stopped to say Hi.

City Beach Sunset

•February 11, 2009 • 6 Comments


No posts for a while then two in two days!! After a hard day in the office, the wife and I decided to go for a swim at City Beach. The clouds were looking like they were going to give a pretty good sunset but when we got there it looked awful with no break on the horizon … 1/2 an hour later we had this which had me running back to the car for the camera. Not great composition, not a great place and I know the horizon is out as in my haste my tripod wasn’t perfectly level. 7 image stitch (heavily cropped as i had to get some solid foreground in otherwise I find ptgui struggles) ISO 100 f13 at 20 secs. The photo isnt great but being there and watching it in the flesh was!

Eagle Gorge

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I’m thinking that Merv will be the only one who reads this … seeing as he just gave me a kick up the @rse to post something!

Apologies new job, new wife (not that I had and old one) has meant very little time to devote to photography. This was taken at Kalbarri in November last year and is my favorite of my crappy shots to date. It’s a bit of a copy of one of Christians Fletcher’s (sorry CF) but it is such a great spot. Unfortunately the night before was probably the best sunset Ive ever seen but unfortunately we had only just arrived after a 7 hour drive from Perth so I had to make do with shots from the balcony. 9 image stitch and cropped ISO 200 at f14

The Pits

•November 18, 2008 • 3 Comments



Just thought I’d put another couple of pix from the Singapore F1 GP on here before going back to something more traditional. These were taken in the Mclaren garage just before qualifying on the saturday. These cars are awesome bits of kit and to get this close to them was pretty amazing! Shooting these at night really did bring out some great colours.